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Want happier employees? Feed them

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Everyone knows eating right and eating well contributes towards higher efficiency at work, but did you realise keeping your employees well fed can have significant impact on recruitment and retention?

Offering food-based perks to staff is a trend on the rise, as companies realise snacks and meals help employees feel valued and cared for.

According to the Food in the Workplace survey by Seamless Corporate Accounts and GrubHub, 57% of respondents said food-based benefits, such as providing or reimbursing meals for employees who work late nights or weekends, make them happier.

In addition, half of the 1,225 full-time American workers surveyed stated they believe sharing meals with colleagues helps foster better working relationships.

The survey also highlighted the direct impact of food-based perks on employee loyalty – four in 10 respondents indicated if their current employer were to provide meals, they would be less inclined to accept a job offer at a company that does not.

“Employee dissatisfaction can come with a hefty price tagfor companies – providing perks, including food-based ones, can substantially improve productivity and employee satisfaction,” Karen Miller vice president of people at GrubHub Inc. and human resources and corporate culture expert for Seamless Corporate Accounts, said.

But that’s precisely where organisations fail to deliver.

With only 9% of respondents stating their bosses do actually provide such perks, the report warned of the immense need for companies to start leveraging on this tool if they wish to improve their talent attrition and retention rate.

“At Seamless, we’ve seen firsthand at how food-based perks has become part of our recruiting brand, creating a halo effect that has helped bolster retention and attract a pipeline of strong candidates,” Miller added.

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