Career websites fulfil one of the most basic needs HR professionals have – finding candidates. While all recruitment websites have their strengths and weaknesses, the winners of the “Best Recruitment Website” award are the career sites which best tick the most boxes on the HR professional’s wish list – active candidates, design, user experience, quality of candidates, response, price, etc.

Junior staff keep the wheels of the organisation turning and feed the company’s talent development pipeline to become the leaders of tomorrow. Attracting the right junior staff is hugely important and the winners of this category are recruitment firms that best supply their clients with high calibre entry-level junior talent.

Mid-level talent are generally experienced enough to understand their core function, yet not sufficiently seasoned to take full control of the business. They are also looking to accelerate their careers and are open to joining a new employer if it means taking a step up into a more senior role. The winners will be recruitment firms that excel at identifying high potential talent and linking them with the companies and roles which are the best fit.Awarded to the competition event that effectively engaged an audience and drove brand awareness. The competition can include an online/digital strategy, but the actual competition must be hosted during a live event.

Talking to senior managers and discussing their careers takes a sophisticated set of skills, not the least of which, is the ability to communicate at their level and establish trust. Identifying senior candidates who are ready for management or top leadership roles and then persuading them to move is an extremely difficult task. This category is for recruitment firms which can best demonstrate consistent success in this area.

Being recognised as a leading recruitment firm in one area is one thing, but demonstrating leadership in all areas of recruitment takes a very special organisation. The winner of the Best Overall Recruitment Firm award is the recruitment firm which best matches the right candidates, regardless of age or experience, with the right roles in the right organisations across the entire recruitment and talent acquisition spectrum.

Psychometric testing is used by companies to ensure that short-lists are free of people whose personalities do not gel with the organisation. They help to match the candidate with the employer’s culture and environment. Companies that successfully provide insights into a candidate’s personality and future behaviour on a consistent basis will take home this award.Awarded to the most strategic and effective corporate social responsibility event that achieved the event’s objectives.

The growing incidences of false and fraudulent information in candidate applications has increased the need for the type of robust background checking only specialists can provide. In addition to leaving a company open to embarrassment, being fooled by false candidate credentials can allow fraudsters into the organisation where they can do untold damage. The winners will demonstrate excellence in protecting employers from such unscrupulous candidates.

From a functional lead to business unit head, all the way to the C-suite, leaders who come from within the company are much more likely to succeed than if they are recruited externally. Therefore, plan A is always to identify the organisation’s high potentials and develop them into leaders with the help of leadership development consultants. The winners of this award will be the consultancies which best help their clients consistently develop the next generation of leaders.

This award recognises solution providers for their exceptional efforts in creating an engaged workforce by aligning their goals to that of a client’s organisation. These solution providers offer the best platform to create an army of engaged employees while building an all-inclusive workplace culture. Winners in this category recognise that employee engagement is critical to their clients’ success.

The evolution of employee engagement is supported by consultants who work with their clients to specifically identify the gap in engagement level through employee engagement scores and surveys. In turn, they churn the data collected to successfully drive a significantly higher level of employee engagement. The winners of this award help to identify the motivation and enablers that keep employees happy and satisfied in their jobs.

With employers seeking unconventional and cost-efficient employee benefits solutions, employee benefits consultants work with them on designing comprehensive and customisable benefits plans with wide ranging services. This includes covering health insurance, retirement and/or other non-compensation benefits such as perks and allowances. Winners in this category understand their clients’ needs to promote a healthy wellbeing culture within the organisation through a cost-effective strategy programme.

Companies entering this category will have successfully worked with organisations to design compensation plans, including salaries, bonuses, stock, awards and incentives. These consultants help clients ensure their pay strategy is designed and executed to meet business needs. Winners in this category need to clearly show that such compensation plans with tangible rewards have proven successful within their clients’ organisations.

Winners in this category are companies that do an affirmative job in keeping their clients’ workforces healthy through their products and services. There is an emphasis on being part of a preventative and proactive strategy for the client, through the provision of speciality solutions which prevent health-related expenditure, such as company-sponsored nutrition, exercise, ergonomic office design and many more.

Medical and life insurance is an increasingly important benefit although cash is highly valued by employees. Employers need reliable employee insurance providers who offer affordable packages and are flexible enough to keep the most demanding members of staff happy. The financial services firms which provide companies with employee insurance for their workforces the best possible way will take home this award.

To avoid healthcare costs spiralling out of control and to maintain policy consistency, many smart companies engage healthcare providers to treat their employees, and put them on the road to a speedy recovery. This category recognises solution providers who treat employees with all sorts of ailments, thus helping to reduce company costs arising from high employee absenteeism due to poor health. Winners in this category would include hospitals, clinics, health screeners and other healthcare providers which get company staff back to health.

Relocating key staff across the world has become commonplace, but that doesn’t mean the physical transportation of personal effects has become any less complicated. Layered on top of the logistical challenges is the human factor which means care of goods, timing, communication and customer service must be beyond reproach. Winners of this category will both delight expat staff and reduce the burden on their clients’ HR and mobility departments when it comes to physical transportation.

The best mobility and orientation consultants prepare the relocated manager for changes in culture before the move, take care of the immigration administration, work out tax issues, provide advice on banking and other legal and statutory requirements and get the expat executive into the office with minimal business disruption. Entries that are reflective of these traits will win.

Recently relocated expatriate staff and their families need to live somewhere while they wait for their personal belongings to arrive from their previous city and take the time required to decide on where they are going to live permanently. Serviced apartments are often the perfect solution and the winners of this category are organisations which supply the best quality serviced apartments and the best level of service to their corporate clients.

Most managers learn how to manage people on the job, and as a result, they make far more mistakes and lose far more people from their teams compared with managers who receive management training before they are tasked with running teams. Great management training providers equip new and experienced managers with people management tools which in turn leads to an improved bottom-line business performance. The winners of the “Best Management Training Provider” award achieve this for their clients on a consistent basis.

The traits of a true sales professional is one who understand how to get their clients to open up, appreciate the value of listening and really provide their clients with the products and services they need within set budgets. The winners of the “Best Sales Training Provider” category are the companies who transform salespeople into high-performing sales professionals that consistently exceed their targets and drive the revenue performance of their companies.

In the knowledge economy, the ability to operate a PC and pick up both basic and advanced technical skills quickly is a distinct advantage. Great IT training companies develop employees with rudimentary technical skills to posses the ability to operate specific software applications with ease. The winners of this award will demonstrate the ability to upskill employees quickly and efficiently for a seamless business transformation.

Teams that work together with genuine team spirit are the teams which perform the best and deliver the most value to their companies. Sometimes team spirit sparks by itself, but often it requires hard work and smart techniques. Most of the time those smart techniques are provided by team building specialists. The winners of this award are consistently able to transform groups of employees into high performing teams who work hard for each other, communicate effectively and achieve fantastic results.

Deciding where to hold a training session is often just as important as deciding which training will take place. Sometimes the company conference room or office pantry area is fine, but in most cases training is more effective when it takes place off-site at a neutral venue. The winners of this award consistently deliver the best training venues which encourages communication, creativity and confidence within set budgets.

This platform facilitates digital learning that is timely and relevant for clients. It offers them a way of knowledge-sharing, performance enhancement and better stakeholder management. More importantly, the e-learning platforms have to be meaningful, customisable and motivational to provide flexible learning on-the-go. Winners of this award are able to deliver the best results by ensuring the targets of their clients are met.

Achieving clients’ strategic operational gains in a cost effective manner would be the characteristics of the best payroll outsourcing partner. This support function creates value to the business with a timely and accurate payroll in a cheaper cost whilst ensuring compliance with all the payroll-related statutory requirements. The winners of this award are companies that best deliver bottom-line value for their clients as a result of taking on and improving payroll administration.

Recruitment process outsourcing partners approach recruitment from a holistic perspective, implementing new and innovative ways to meet global talent needs. Most importantly, they maximise value across the recruitment function in a cost-effective and innovative manner. Organisations that define talent requirements and outline desired outcomes with their clients, while ensuring results exceed expectations, will win this award.

Salary, commission, bonus, flexible benefits, tax, leave, expenses, time and attendance plus the need for self-service capabilities, cloud-based accessibility and multiple layers of security, have all integrated to make a comprehensive payroll package an essential item for all companies. The winners of this award are companies which have developed the most intuitive and most valuable payroll system.

Streamlining candidate management from sourcing to submittal is now a seamless task with the best applicant tracking software. Usability and mobility is the first differentiating factor in such software which is then progressively determined by its predictive intelligence. Most critical to the business is the efficient churning of real results with real business impact. Software companies that have put together an entry showcasing their ATS package, which has helped save both time and unlocked value for their customers, will win this award.

Learning management systems are the perfect one-stop e-learning and professional development hubs that go beyond distance and time barriers. The winners of this award not only provide their clients a new perspective for learning, but also engage professionals for continual learning and development to achieve real-world business results.

Talent management is crucial in delivering strategic business goals and talent management software helps to achieve this. Smart TMS applications are increasingly essential for companies which need an enterprise system to manage the life cycle of all their employees – from recruitment to performance management to learning and career development to retention and succession planning. The winners of this category are software companies which have developed the talent management system that provides the most value.

Companies prefer the consistency and centralised control offered by all-encompassing, end-to-end HR management system which integrate all HR technology modules. The winners of the “Best HR Management System” award are software companies which have developed the HRMS that ticks all the boxes and adds the most value for their customers.