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Brain drain

Top 10 common challenges employees face in workplace

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Retaining talent is always a challenging task for HR professionals. The best way to keep your best and brightest is by knowing what struggles they are facing at work.

Career networking site LinkedIn has recently polled more than 1,000 professional adults across the U.S. to help employers dig out the causes of the brain drain.

The top 10 struggles employees are facing at work are:
1. Finding a work-life balance (38%)
2. Managing workloads (31%)
3. Dealing with coworkers (26%)
4. Workplace politics (25%)
5. Dealing with managers (23%)
6. Growing their careers (22%)
7. Being passionate about what they do (19%)
8. Not having somebody to turn to for help (16%)
9. Equal pay and negotiating salaries (15%)
10. Answering all of their emails (13%)

Although with all those problems, most employees, especially younger professionals, are hesitating to ask for help in fear of feeling or looking incompetent.

Approximately 84% of professionals surveyed said they have needed help at some point in their career. However, one in three employees (35%) overall admitted they’re afraid to ask for help at work, and as much as 60% of employees regret not asking for help at those times.

At least a third of professionals surveyed said they’d rather work an extra six hours per week than ask for help.

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