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The top 10 benefits Singaporeans actually want

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How do you know whether the benefits you currently offer to staff are in fact the things that they’re actually looking for?

According to a poll conducted by STJobs, 43% of Singaporeans are content with their present employee benefits package – but what they say is included in this is not necessarily aligned to what they really want.

Benefits such as annual leave, medical and hospitalisation leave and medical benefits are the things employees currently have access to, and enjoy the most out of what is offered to them, but when asked what benefits employees would also like to have, the list looks very different.

Benefits such as subsidised trips and activities, individual performance bonuses, and dental treatment are high on local employees’ wish lists. Things like medical benefits, in fact, ranked low.

The poll also revealed while the average employee sick leave entitlement is 14 days, local employees only took an average of four MC days in 2013.

And, according to staff who filled out the survey, most Singaporeans only applied for MC when it was necessary, with 80% saying they are an honest bunch.

Top 10 benefits employees currently enjoy

1. Annual Leave
2. Medical & Hospitalisation Leave
3. Medical Benefits
4. Maternity & Paternity Leave
5. Compassionate Leave
6. Marriage Leave
7. Insurance
8. Family Care & Enhanced Child Care Leave
9. Dental Treatment
10. Individual Performance Bonus

Top 10 benefits employees would like to have

1. Subsidised trips and activities
2. Individual Performance Bonus
3. Dental Treatment
4. 13th month Annual Wage Supplement (AWS)
5. Corporate Variable Bonus
6. Recreation / Sports Activities
7. Insurance
8. Staff Discount
9. Medical Benefits
10. Long Service Award

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