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These fresh graduates are driving hiring teams crazy 

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Many employers would agree that summer job applicants are the most difficult to work with. In a recent post on Heawork, an administrative staff member shared in detail how irresponsible applicants are driving the hiring team nuts.

Blind candidates
The writer of the post said he received a huge number of applications from university students, despite stating clearly in the recruitment advertisement that the opening is a full-time role and students will not be considered.

To make things worse, these seemingly blind candidates are not isolated incidents. The poster said he had received resumes from all eight government-funded universities in Hong Kong.

Candidates who do not care about getting a job
The poster was irked by an email from a candidate that simply read “Job interview” in the subject line. Apparently the candidate sent his application without thinking about the position he wants to apply for.

Candidates with special names
Candidates with “non-mainstream” names are advised to include their name in Chinese on their resumes. This is to avoid awkward situations where the recruiter might mispronounce the name of the candidate, while trying to set up an interview appointment over the phone.

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