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The perfect job? Not if the culture doesn’t feel right

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More than one-third of workers in the US (35%) and Canada (40%) wouldn’t accept a job that was a perfect match if the corporate culture didn’t feel like a good fit, according to a new Robert Half study.

The report, called Organisational Culture: The Make-or-Break Factor in Hiring and Retention, also found that from the manager’s perspective, 91% in the US and 90% in Canada, said a candidate’s fit with the organisational culture is equal to or more important than their skills and experience.

So what does the ideal culture look like? Supportive, team-oriented, and innovative were the three words most commonly used by the respondents.

Check out the infographic about organisational culture:

Paul McDonald, senior executive director, Robert Half, said: “This research reinforces the notion that finding the right fit involves more than evaluating someone’s qualifications and experience. There has to be a focus on what motivates that individual and the type of work environment in which they will thrive.”

Images / Robert Half

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