Daily operations, recruitment, and training will all look very different in the future thanks to the use of technology, says Keith Chor, head of human resources at The Hong Kong School of Motoring.

Technology has touched every industry, and human resources is no exception.

With the implementation of cloud technology and mobile applications, I believe the daily operation of the human resources departments, recruitment, and training will be very different from what we are currently experiencing.

Daily HR operations

The use of cloud technology means that the future human resource information system (HRIS) can be easily accessible to HR staff from anywhere through a mobile device with an internet connection.

HR practitioners should be on the lookout for the technology available for HR and the relevant suppliers of the technology.

With more and more information being stored in the HRIS in the cloud, big data can be analysed by using workforce analytics.


The process for talent acquisition and talent management will turn digital in the near future.

Millennials are technology savvy and active in social communities. I think recruitment through linking with social communities will become more popular.

Conducting recruitment through a mobile application will be a future trend. There will be less need for interviewing in person as it can be done online through a webcam on a computer or on a smartphone.

Things such as job applications and interview result-checking can also be done through mobile devices.

The screening function in the apps or computer programme with selection criteria can be used to process job applications faster and easier with a systematic record.

Information on a preferred candidate or those who do not suit the job description can be stored in the cloud with linkage to the job application apps or computer programme systematically for easy identification.


Like recruitment, training will also be digitalised. With cloud technology, knowledge-sharing has become easier than ever. Self-paced self-learning on mobile devices will become more popular.

Technology on virtual reality will be adopted widely in common commercial training

Making use of technology, trainers and trainees will be able to keep track of every individual’s learning effectiveness and learning progress. By linking information on an individual’s learning progress to the HRIS, the training record of individuals can be updated automatically.

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