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The 10 cities international talent want to move to for work

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In today’s world where mobility is commonplace, some of the top factors leading to a relocation are the chance to lead a new lifestyle, the desire to find better opportunities for their families, and cost of living, found the RSM Global Talent Movement Survey.

According to the survey, financial incentives and weather rounded up the top five.

According to gender, women were more likely to want to move abroad for better family opportunities and the lower cost of living, while men were motivated by the chance of a new lifestyle and potential for better weather.

By age group, the 18-25 and 45-54 groups were most likely to want to move abroad for a new lifestyle. While those in the 25-44 group were more likely to move for better family opportunities. Lastly, those over 54 found the main draw to be financial incentives.

With that said, which are the most sought after cities talented employees want to move to?

The RSM Global Talent Movement Survey revealed, Sydney took the top spot, ticking many boxes including weather, lifestyle, and family opportunities.

Next up was New York and Paris which also fulfilled multiple criteria in that they offer a good balance of financial incentives and lifestyle. That was followed by London thanks to the financial incentives on offer to top talent.

10 most sought-after locations to live and work

#1 Sydney

#2 New York

#3 Paris

#4 London

#5 Berlin

#6 Madrid

#7 Dubai

#8 Singapore

#9 Stockholm

#10 Brussels

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