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HR professionals love their jobs in Asia

Study shows that HR professionals love their job the most

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According to salary-benchmarking site, HR professionals are the happiest with their job with the research stating that “dealing with people” tops the list.

Emolument further mentioned not to underestimate the importance of social contact, as “human resources professionals enjoy their jobs substantially more than others”.

This is closely followed by tech and telecoms, and after, engineering, sales, public sector and education, marcoms, consulting, software development, media and gaming, financial services, retail, manufacturing, logistics, construction and real estate, and tourism and restaurants.

In contrast, “those in jobs which entail constant troubleshooting and problem-solving in a stressful context are showing deep dissatisfaction and frustration, which matches the universal perception of these sectors as high-turnover.”

The study also looked at happiness on a global scale, with Holland being the happiest country in terms of its workforce, followed by France, the US, Ireland, Switzerland, Singapore, UK, Hong Kong, UAE, and Spain.

Additionally, the study reported how “small is beautiful”, with more employees in micro businesses being happy in their work, as compared with those working in larger companies.

To support that, Emolument highlighted that “a small team is more likely to be flexible, let your work shine through and reward employees accordingly. Employees at this stage are all pulling in the same direction without much red tape, feeling the satisfaction of solving problems quickly.”

Surprisingly, the survey also revealed that a bigger paycheck does not necessarily guarantee happiness. In fact, Alice Leguay, Emolument co-founder said, “happiest employees are either very junior, in support functions, or working for small businesses, not necessarily where cliches would have us believe happiness lies, ie, high-flying corporate careers.”

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