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Stuck on a bad date? Fake a work emergency

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Too much time spent at the office has often been cited as one of the barriers to finding time for a healthy love life. But if this latest study by Workplace Options is anything to go by, the tables seem to have turned.

Faking a work emergency has manifested as a knight in shining armour for many who are desperate to escape an unpleasant or awkward date.

The poll, which surveyed 693 working Americans, revealed one in 10 use the phony work crisis excuse as a key element of their escape plan.

While respondents also cited work as the biggest obstacle in finding time for romance – one in 10 said job responsibilities make it more difficult – 23% admitted to checking their work emails during a date.

Of those who checked emails, a third did it because they felt that they had to, while one in five simply wanted to.

“People are connected to their jobs more than ever,” Dean Debnam, chief executive officer of Workplace Options, said. “Although it can be beneficial to have instant access and tempting to look at your smartphone, taking some time to unplug can boost productivity at work and satisfaction with work-life balance.”

The survey also explored love connections within offices, with 31% of respondents confessing to having dated a co-worker and one in 10 having dated their boss.

“It’s natural for romance to blossom in the workplace, since people spend so much time working together,” Debnam said.

However, 10% of respondents who dated a supervisor found themselves discussing work for more than an hour per day outside of office hours.

“It’s also normal for people to discuss work after hours and their personal lives at work, whether or not it’s an interoffice relationship,” he said.

“Nowadays, work and life are inextricably connected – think ‘integration’ instead of ‘balance.’ It only becomes a problem when it affects employee productivity or morale.”

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