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Staff in China want better pay, work-life balance

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Echoing earlier reports, a new study has found earning higher compensation is on top of Chinese employees’ list of priorities this year.

Hudson’s 2015 The Hiring Report: The State of Hiring in China 2015 stated 66% of respondents look for a higher salary in their search for a new job.

Surveying more than 1,262 professionals and hiring managers across China, the report highlighted 55% of respondents also desired to earn better benefits in their new roles.

“With salary and benefits in the top five of job seekers’ wish lists, employers would be wise to take heed by ensuring that their salary and benefits packages are in line with competitor offerings in the market,” said Lily Bi, Hudson Shanghai joint general manager, said.

Interestingly, work-life balance emerged as the second key priority for Chinese professionals, with 61% choosing it as a top priority when seeking a new role.

The report highlighted such a high percentage demonstrated the increasing importance Chinese candidates are placing on achieving an optimal balance between work and family life.

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Cultural fit also entered the top five priorities, with 45% of job seekers in China today identifying it as a key consideration.

“The fact that cultural fit – which can be defined as a feeling of belonging, of common values – is in the top five priorities of job seekers we see as significant. It demonstrates that fitting in and feeling valued are extremely important to Chinese job seekers in 2015,” said Bi.

The report added such insights into what professionals in China want today could serve to be useful for employers, especially because finding and attracting the right talent is becoming increasingly complex in the country.

It found while 97% of employees are open to being approached about new opportunities, 85% of hiring managers acknowledged they need to look beyond active job seekers today to find the right candidate.

“The market is also becoming more complex. To win the talent war in 2015, employers would do well to take a more sophisticated approach to hiring. This may involve use of multiple channels and a targeted sourcing strategy tailored to the role,” Bi observed.

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