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A sneak peek into Yahoo’s offices [PHOTOS]

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The Yahoo Singapore office, located in the CBD area, reflects who they are as a company.

Much like the company’s iconic logo, which carries an exclamation point at the end, the workspace is a bright, playful combination of the color purple – Yahoo’s official color – with splashes of orange and red.


Yahoo believes the vibrant ambience is the starting point to spark innovation, collaboration and fun, which is an integral part of the working day.

“We seek innovation that can make the world’s daily habits more inspiring and entertaining. A fun, relaxed environment makes for an engaging office space. It becomes the perfect breeding ground for these ideas,” says Jessie Lim, human resource director for Yahoo Southeast Asia and India.

The Yahoo Singapore office has 21 meeting rooms across two floors, including three video conference rooms that equip employees to make effective decisions through real time, face-to-face discussions.


Diversity is also respected at Yahoo, with designated ‘solo rooms’ reserved for prayer time for Muslim employees. Employees can also choose where they want to sit while working and freedom of expression is encouraged.

Fun at the workplace also extends to pranks the employees pull on one another while they are away on vacation. The Yahoo desktop prank is an example of the fun culture, and Lim fondly remembers the times when one vacationing employee’s desk was moved to the pantry, another’s was covered in fake cobwebs, and a third desk was embellished with post-its.

“We make it our business to have fun with and at work every day,” says Lim.


She adds with the increasingly diverse groups of Gen Y and Z coming into the workforce, monetary rewards are no longer the top employee motivator.

“Ensuring the company’s culture is synonymous with a fun incubator is paramount for business success and talent engagement,” says Lim.


While each organisation would need to stay true to their culture, Lim says Yahoo is committed to having a fun, vibrant atmosphere and positive workspace, and doing so while respecting the diversity of the workforce will create a fertile ground for teams to collaborate and innovate.

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