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What Singaporeans really want in 2014’s Budget

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REACH, Singapore’s government’s feedback channel, took in over 1,300 suggestions from Singaporeans with regards to the 2014 Budget.

Based on the findings, which were released in a statement, it seems a majority of Singaporeans are concerned about employment, healthcare costs, the Pioneer Generation Package and social support.

Looking specifically at the topic of employment, locals are hoping more will be done to improve job opportunities for professionals, managers, executives and technicians.

Additionally, respondents suggested an increased focus on providing education and training opportunities, along with potential grants and subsidies to help employers with the cost of training.

With regards to older workers, respondents suggested the government look into adjusting contribution rates for employees aged between 50 and 55, to ensure they are on par with the younger workforce.

Singaporeans were also concerned about the welfare of lower-income workers, and suggested the government provide more support in the form of healthcare subsidies.

The topic of ensuring locals’ pay keep up with inflation levels and the rising cost of living was also brought up during the feedback exercise, and respondents suggested the government provide salary guidelines based on qualifications, knowledge and work experience.

The 2014 Budget will be announced this Friday at 3.30pm.

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