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Singaporean employees aren’t so sad after all

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A majority of local workers are satisfied with their workplace and job responsibilities, and the good news is it may have nothing to do with the size of their compensation packages.

According to NTUC U Family’s Happiness Poll 2013, an average of 52.8% of the 4,669 working respondents polled indicated they were not only motivated in their current job, but they are also happy, with 80% reporting they are likely to stay on in their roles.

The survey also found six in 10 employees are happy with their career prospects, and 70% of workers are happy with their current job responsibilities.

These results differ significantly from previous surveys, which have found employees in Singapore to be unhappy and dissatisfied.

So what’s causing employees to feel such positivity in the office?

“When asked on reasons for their happiness at their workplace, motivation at work and for staying on in their job, respondents picked relationship with co-workers and relationship with supervisors as the key reasons,” the report said.

However, when surveyed on the top reasons attracting local employees to a new workplace, respondents indicated different priorities for working mums and dads.

While salary remained the most important pull factor for both parents, the report found working mums preferred access to flexible working arrangements (44.3%), a family friendly workplace culture (40%), and access to family leave scheme (38.2%) when it comes to choosing a new place to work.

As for working dads, they preferred a workplace with career progression (43.8%), family friendly workplace culture (33.7%) and job security (33.5%).

“A family-friendly workplace with flexible work arrangements should not be viewed as a mummy’s workplace privilege. It is a working families’ need,” Toh Hwee Tin, director of NTUC U Family, said.

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