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Sex at work: Everybody’s doing it

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We may not want to talk about office relationships, but the reality is half your colleagues may already be knocking boots.

Business Insider surveyed its readers and found 90% of people have been sexually attracted to a colleague and 55% have had sex with a co-worker.

Of those who have had sex with a co-worker, 54% admitted they’ve done it with multiple colleagues over the years. Just under half (48%) also confessed to having sex in the office.

A majority of respondents believed having sex with a colleague is fine as long as it is handled professionally and does not involve a direct reporting relationship. However, not everyone is on board – 36% agreed it is either always or usually a bad idea to hook up with a colleague.

Of those who have had sex with a colleague, 70% said it has no impacted their productivity at work, while 14.7% said it has increased productivity and 14.5% said it has impacted it negatively.

A larger percentage (84%) also said it has had no impact on their career, though a quarter said it has made them more positive towards workplace sex.

Respondents also drew the line at having sex with the boss, with 86% reporting they have never done so, although 65% said they have slept with a subordinate.

Looking at the big picture, it seems sex in the workplace may be losing its taboo status, especially since 90% of respondents admitted they were glad they had done it.

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