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Rising trend of portfolio job holders across Asia

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With a more volatile global economy, there seems to be an increase in the number of the people in the region preferring to work more than one job to sustain their lifestyles.

A new worldwide survey by Regus, surveying more than 22,000 people, found that in Malaysia, 61% of those surveyed reported seeing an increase in portfolio job holders compared to five years ago, more than both Singapore and Hong Kong.

Similarly, 58% of those surveyed in Singapore, and 56% of those in Hong Kong, identified a rise in workers who are holding multiple jobs.

Globally, half of respondents also saw an increase in multiple job holders.

“The days have gone when holding down one job for life was the norm. Working habits are changing radically, as increasing numbers of people across the globe take on more than one job at a time,” Paul MacAndrew, country manager of Regus Singapore commented.

The report noted that this trend could be linked to an increase in outsourcing by companies, which is leading to more demand for freelance and contract positions.

More than eight out of 10 (82%) of Singaporeans were of the opinion that outsourcing is adding fuel to the multi-job market, along with 83% of Malaysians and 78% of Hong Kongers.

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“There are many reasons for this change, but certainly it suits as many businesses as it does business people, with both sides increasingly looking for more flexibility than the traditional full-time work contract may afford,” MacAndrew added.

Echoing MacAndrew’s observation, having to work regular hours is now considered to be a limitation by 73% of workers.

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