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Recruitment trends you need to know

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Hiring volumes (49%) in Southeast Asia are growing faster than hiring budgets (40%), with more recruiters using social media to nab talent.

According to a new report by LinkedIn, there are 17% more recruiters this year using social networks to source for talent, while 37% of respondents identified data as a key decision making tool when it comes to hiring.

Recruiters in Southeast Asia are also ahead of their global peers when it comes to using data to make hiring decisions (37% versus 23%). The region is only behind India, where 52% of recruiters said their hiring decisions are backed by data, significantly ahead other big markets such as the US (22%) and the UK (15%).

Companies are also paying more attention to employer branding to aid recruitment efforts. Nearly 40% of SEA respondents said employer branding is the biggest threat from competitors, and 88% believe a strong brand will greatly help in attracting quality talent.

Another highlighted recruitment trend is internal hiring, with 91% of SEA respondents expected internal hiring to increase or remain the same.

It was also found structured internal hiring processes and a supportive work culture tied for second place with “proactive sourcing” when it comes to “world class talent acquisition”, just behind “pipelining talent proactively”.

Lastly, recruiters need to be able to satisfy mobile-hungry candidates; 59% of candidates use mobile to source for new opportunities and 52% use it to apply for jobs.

In fact, 88% of SEA organisations admit they are not investing enough in mobile recruiting.

Even more worryingly, a third confessed they didn’t know where to begin with it.

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