About The Event

HR Recruitment Asia 2017

The war for talent is real and so much has been said about it. The best way to ensure that you are geared up for it is by joining Recruitment Asia 2017.

The evolution of the recruitment process has inevitably forced the HR profession to be adept to dynamic changes. As such, talent acquisition heads/HR directors like yourself need to keep abreast of competitors by updating strategies to lure talent from the cream of the crop.

Addressing the key challenges in recruiting processes and showcasing the best practices and expert insights in this area, this event is positioned to be your one-stop shop which allows you to learn and benchmark against your own practices.

Take full advantage of this opportunity to learn from the best, and join more than 100 other business and HR leaders from across Asia to map out the route to attracting and securing the best talent.

Why you can’t miss this event

1. More than 200 HR directors and professionals will gather at this event to discuss the changing landscape of recruitment in Malaysia/Asia.

2. All encompassing two-day event that provides proven case studies on trends, challenges and strategies on key themes.

3.More than 20 thought-provoking case study presentations and interactive panel discussions addressing the most pressing talent acquisition and retention issues in Asia.

4. The platform to network with C-level executives and senior HR practitioners from across the region.

5.Varied industrial representations of speakers.