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Employees walking in to show the real reasons your staff shows up to work everyday

The real reasons your staff come to work

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Job-seekers might care about their salaries the most when looking for a job, but do these priorities change after they’ve hopped on board?

A recent survey by CareerBuilder polled 3,372 American workers aged 18 and over on whether they would still keep working if they won the lottery, and a little more than half (51%) said yes.

Even if they didn’t need a job financially, they would still work after winning the lottery. Additionally, three out of 10 employees said they would keep the job they currently have.

When asked why they would keep working after a financial windfall, 77% said it’s because they would be bored if they didn’t work.

Around the same number (76%) also stated they would keep working because their job provides them with a sense of purpose and accomplishment.

The desire for financial security, as opposed to financial winnings, followed this list (42%), while 23% said they would keep working because they would miss their co-workers.

“While nearly a third (30%) of employees would stay in their current job after winning the lottery, that’s not to say it’s their dream job,” the report stated.

“Only 15% of workers report they are currently working in their dream job, and another 36% say that while they’re not quite there yet, they believe they will be someday.”

Of those who stated they would leave the workforce after winning the lottery, 48% said they would give their employers’ at least two weeks’ notice or some time to find a replacement.

A little more than one out of 10 (13%) of employees would resign that day without giving notice, while 2% would not show up to work the next morning without formally quitting.

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