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Rain or shine, the clothes make the man

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With the warmest months of the year upon us – predicted forecasts average highs of 32 degrees Celsius through to July – you might notice people wearing fewer layers and shorter hemlines.

However, the warm weather is no excuse to reveal more skin or be overly casual when dressing for work.

Nicole Williams, a LinkedIn career expert, told Forbes employees have to remember they are dressing for their careers, regardless of the temperature.

“You want to be taken seriously at all costs. You don’t want to be dismissed because your skirt is too short. Remember that you are dressing for the job, raise, and promotion. You’ll be seen as more of a thought leader in a professional suit versus a halter top,” she said.

She said the biggest office attire no-nos include shorts, spaghetti straps, halter tops, tube tops and miniskirts for women, and un-tucked shirts, shorts, and jerseys for men.

In order to make sure employees remain professional and ready for last minute meetings or presentations, Peter Handal, chief executive of Dale Carnegie Training, said companies should be clear on the acceptable dress code.

“While it may seem silly asking employees not to wear flip-flops or tank tops, it is not nearly as awkward as having to send someone home to change when he or she is dressed inappropriately,” he said.

Sloppy or skimpy clothing does not only reflect poorly on the employee but can also be distracting for co-workers or customers.

“Employers need to balance the needs of their clients and corporate culture when determining appropriate dress codes for warmer weather,” Handal said.

“It may also be helpful for bosses to reiterate that ‘if you have to think about it, then it is probably not appropriate’.”

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