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Professionals in Singapore are becoming assertive at work

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Voicing opinions in the office is getting easier for professionals in Singapore.

According to LinkedIn’s New Norms @Work study, 58% of professionals would now challenge their colleagues by voicing their opinions compared to when they first started their careers.

One in two professionals surveyed also disagreed with the notion that they are “yes employees” — someone who does as he/she is told and is not likely to question authority.

The survey, which covered 19 responses in total, found professionals, in fact, are speaking up globally.

When asked the one thing they would do now compared to when they started their careers, over half of staff worldwide reported that they would challenge their boss by voicing their opinion, challenging ideas, etc.

“The diversity of opinions in any organisation, if harnessed effectively, goes a long way towards strengthening the quality of decision-making. It will also help to enhance Singapore’s attractiveness as a key regional business hub,” said Cliff Rosenberg, managing director, Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand at LinkedIn.

“Employers need to create an even more conducive environment for employees to feel comfortable about speaking up. Professionals can also share their wealth of expertise on platforms like LinkedIn to benefit a broader group, and to build their professional brands at the same time.”

In Singapore, professionals aged 25-34 – or the Millennials – appeared, however, to be the most eager to please.

More than half (55% ) said they consider themselves as “yes employees”, compared to 43% of professionals in the 55-65 age group.

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