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How to prevent excessive alcohol consumption at parties

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With the festive season comes holiday parties coupled with the cringeworthy things managers and coworkers do when too much alcohol is consumed. As HR professionals, part of the job is about taking care of staff’s wellbeing – including preventing embarrassing mishaps at the company holiday party.

Surveying senior human resource and employee relations executives representing nearly 450 employers, Bloomberg BNA found that 77% will host some sort of holiday celebration such as a company wide event or department-level gathering.

With alcohol on the menu at over two-thirds of all celebrations (69%), things can get rowdy pretty fast.

Hence, of those organisations serving alcoholic drinks, 81% will also employ one or more safeguards to prevent excessive consumption or attendees from getting onto the road after indulging. The most popular safeguard – having bartenders or others monitor attendees’ drinking (43%).

Other safeguards organisations will implement include:

  • A limit on number of free drinks 39%
  • A time limit for serving alcohol 36%
  • Cab/ridesharing service for attendees 36%
  • Discounted hotel rates 15%
  • Appointing/requesting designated drivers 12%

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Additionally, the Bloomberg BNA’s survey found that only 46% of organisations in the U.S are offering employees three or more paid holidays this year, compared to 57% last year when the holidays were on a Friday.

This year, aside from the Mondays following Christmas and New Year’s, the days employers are most likely to provide as paid days off are the Fridays preceding Christmas (38%) and New Year’s (22%).

The most generous employers were found to be manufacturers and small businesses with 69% of manufacturers planning to provide three or more paid days off during the season, compared with 40% of non manufacturers and non business organisations.

“The calendar is not the American worker’s friend this season, as there will be a sharp decline in paid days off with both holidays falling on the weekend,” said Molly Huie, manager, surveys and reports, Bloomberg BNA.

“Fortunately for employees, more than three in four companies will provide an opportunity to let loose and burn off some steam from the past year with a holiday party.”

Check out the infographic for more results


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