Organised by Human Resources, Employee Healthcare Interactive 2016 is back with the latest in healthcare and wellness trends in HR. This exclusive invite-only interactive event was specially curated for top HR leaders to engage each other with strategies on healthcare and wellness programmes in the workforce.

Held on 8 December 2016 at InterContinental Singapore, the conference is in its second year running and was produced by Nikita Erpini. As Asia's largest discussion on corporate healthcare and wellness, the event was attended by more than 100 delegates, speakers and sponsors.

Guests at EHI 2016

Kick starting the conference was Dr. Elton Ong, managing director of Fullerton Health with a keynote presentation on managing healthcare inflation and improving employee health. During his session, he shares his expert insights on the best corporate healthcare practices and how a vertically-managed care organisation can contribute to sustainable value.

Leaving us with a thought-provoking statement, he said: “Today, we live in a society where automatisation is at large. But we have to go back to basics - IT, is an enabler. We can’t just throw analytics and make it work.”

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After a quick coffee break, it was time for a lively panel discussion between Teofilus Ponniah, HR director, DHL; Butch Clas, director of human resources, Dow Chemical; Dr. Daniel Chan, co-founder and group deputy chief executive officer, Fullerton Health; and Tarun Gulrajani, head of human resources, Rehau -- moderated by Liana Attard, Asia consulting leader, employee health benefits, Mercer Marsh Benefits.

Lively panel discussion at EHI 2016

With automation a hot topic in HR today, "we spent a lot of money and time capturing granular data, prices of medicine, huge amount of data with thousands of visits on a monthly basis. There are two ways to make sense of it all; throw a bunch of smart people at it, or  you do what the rest of the world is doing - use machine learning," noted Dr Chan. 

Following the discussion, delegates were engaged in an in-depth introduction to the process of implementation by Rachael Tay, chief of benefits strategy and sales of CXA Group. She then shared key takeaways such as identifying notable checkpoints in a transition process to overcoming the possible difficulties during this period.

Rachael EHI 2016

Next up, Dr Ng Wee Tong, senior consultant of occupational and aviation medicine medical director at ST Healthcare, took the stage with his keynote presentation on Fitness to Work (FTW) programmes. Using real life examples, delegates saw how these programmes could significantly protect productivity and sustain the workforce.

As he said, “the FTW programmes aimed to look at a job as a spectrum of tasks, rather than a binary entity” - which means, instead of sick days where an employee is unfit to work (in all aspects), it allows to note which are the tasks that employees are fit to work on. 

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Noting how “people are always at the centre” of any L’Oreal’s strategy, Roshni Wadhwa, HR director of L'Oreal ends the conference on a high note as she shares her expertise on L’Oreal’s share and care programme. Here, she spoke more about contemporary flex-benefits and wellness programmes as well as potentially disruptive HR models for modern healthcare.

To roundup the day, table hosts summarised the insights and key takeaways from their discussions on assessing ROI, healthcare trends and costs, healthcare governance, data analytics in healthcare, as well as integrated healthcare and wellness strategy. 

Human Resources would like to thank all sponsors and partners that contributed to the success of Employee Healthcare Interactive 2016, Singapore:

Platinum Sponsor: Fullerton Health Gold Sponsors - CXA Group - Mercer Marsh Benefits - ST Healthcare Silver Sponsors - Cigna - Lockton - Sanofi Pasteur Exhibitor - PerformancePro International