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Job seekers still care about salary the most

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Employers in Asia should pay more attention to their compensation strategies if they wish to attract the right talent.

According to Resource Solutions’ Asia Talent Insights 2014, 43% of respondents cited income as the most important factor when applying for a job.

Career progression opportunities, benefits and work-life balance followed the list of those polled, which included 29% Singaporeans.

Just two out of 10 respondents said salary was the least of their concerns when looking for employment opportunities.

The report recommended employers to “listen to your workforce and prospective talent” to address these concerns, and to “tailor your offering and how you communicate this.”

In terms of how potential candidates acquire information about an employer, the report found company rankings to be considered the most credible source, followed by friends and colleagues and the company’s career website.

Almost all respondents (99%) also stated they would consider a job if a friend or colleague were to suggest one.

In addition, when people are looking for a job, three times as many respondents look at employers directly first, compared to those who look at social media.

“Twice as many respondents also utilise agencies first compared to social media,” the report stated.

More than 70% also said they use their PCs or mobile when looking for a job, while 86% of job seekers who have a smart phone said they use it to search for jobs.

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