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Parents tag along to job interviews

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Parents are increasingly accompanying their children to job interviews in Malaysia, citing an increased crime rate as a threat to their kids’ safety.

Following reports of young candidates being raped and robbed after going to what they believed were job interviews, parents are less willing to leave their job-seeking children alone to travel to interviews.

In fact, the Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF) revealed nearly 30% of 200 companies said they have had potential employees come to interviews with their parents, and they expect it to be a growing trend.

Serm Teck Choon, head of MyStarJob Network, said recruiters should not judge candidates on whether they are accompanied to an interview, adding the candidates’ experience and competence for the job should be the interviewer’s main focus, The Star reported.

Melissa Norman, managing director at Kelly Services Singapore and Malaysia, said she is not fussed when a candidate turns up with their parents or friends, but said it would be more ideal if they waited quietly in the reception area.

She said those who join candidates in interviews can be distracting, and it would reflect badly if their parents or friends answer questions on their behalf.

“There are also those who would ask the interviewer (after the interview) how soon the candidate would receive a reply on being selected for the job,” Norman said.

Supratechnic’s human resource manager Sue Lim agrees parents or friends should ideally wait in their car after the candidate is safely in the interview.

“I don’t blame them, mainly because there are too many social problems faced by the community now like rape and snatch thieves,” she told the paper.

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