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The most attractive employers in Asia Pacific

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Google is once again the dream employer for business, engineering and IT students in Asia Pacific.

This is the sixth consecutive year Google has been recognised as the ideal employer for business students, according to Universum’s APAC’s Most Attractive Employers 2014 rankings.

Among business students, Deloitte, Citi, Apple and Procter & Gamble rounded up the top five employers this year, while engineering and IT students also favoured Apple, Microsoft, Samsung and BMW Group.

More than 87,000 students across the region took part in the survey, and Rachele Focardi, regional director for Universum Asia Pacific, said they are seeing more investments from FMCG employers who “not only understand how to market to their products, but how to build strong employer brands”.

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The report also found APAC students identified work-life balance as their top career goal, holding true for 54% of them. Other workplace priorities included being stable in their jobs (47%), and being dedicated to a cause or feeling as though they are serving a greater good (34%).

Across the region, students also revealed they expect “high future earnings”, but respondents in Singapore and Malaysia chose a friendly working environment as their biggest driver.

Meanwhile, in Australia and Hong Kong, students’ biggest driver was professional training and development, while Chinese respondents wanted a good reference for future career.

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“There are a number of employer attributes that are very attractive to students, but those that trigger career decisions are ultimately quite diverse,” Focardi said. “We cannot treat them as one homogenous group – successful employers segment this audience and produce very targeted communications.”

Scroll down for the top 10 employers for business and engineering and IT students.


1. Google
2. Deloitte
3. Citi
4. Apple
5. Procter & Gamble
7. PricewaterhouseCoopers
8. EY
10. Goldman Sachs


1. Google
2. Apple
3. Microsoft
4. Samsung
5. BMW Group
6. Toyota
7. GE
8. Lenovo
9. Sony
10. IBM

For the full list of top 50 employers, click here.

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