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After weeks of reading about awful and terrible employees who make you feel grateful they are not part of your team, it is time for some good news. Here are three office heroes that will make you want to believe in humanity again.

The generous hero boss

Tiens Group made the headlines for treating 3,000 staff to a tour of Spain earlier in the year, but that generosity is unmatched compared with Savji Dholakia, the owner of Indian diamond company Hari Krishna Exports.

The generous boss has given away 1,260 cars, 400 apartments and items of jewellery to his employees as a bonus for meeting company targets.

“Our aim is that each employee must have his own home and car in the next five years. So we have decided to gift cars, homes and jewellery to employees,” Dholakia told the Hindustan Times.

Sorry Hongkongers, don’t think you will be able to afford the first instalment for a first flat in the next five years or 10 years or 15 years.

The lost and found hero

Gardening boss Andrew McMahon was horrified when he lost his treasured wedding ring while working in the backyard of a house in 2012. He and his workmates searched frantically for the ring, but could not find it and eventually gave up.

In a twist of fate, the homeowner rehired McMahon’s firm this year and his colleague Ashley Blades found the lost ring. Blades rang McMahon who initially thought it was a wind-up before eventually confirming it was the missing ring.

McMahon believed the ring was hidden in weeds taken from the garden in 2012 to be used as compost at another home and a gardener from another company used the compost as fertiliser on the property.

“My hands were wet while I was weeding and my ring just flew off. I looked through the weeds, but couldn’t find it. I was convinced it wasn’t in them so I dumped the weeds in a compost heap,” McMahon told the Mirror as he recalled what happened four years ago.

“That then gets re-spread after two years so the chances of finding it in that were next to none. I was amazed. It really was like finding a needle in a haystack.”

McMahon said he rewarded Blades with £30 (HK$300).

The Halloween hero

When Giovanni Campanella isn’t delivering mail, friends will often find him working on his latest haunted attraction at his California home – the “Undertaker’s Asylum”.

This Halloween he accepted donations to help a co-worker battling colon cancer, the reports.

Running a haunted house is a family affair for the Campanellas. They store much of the scary items inside their house throughout the year and every year they add to the collection.

When asked about his co-worker, he said: “He is in need of financial assistance, he is on unpaid leave status, and we wanted to just go out there and help him.”

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