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The next generation’s dream jobs revealed

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The next Gordon Ramsey or Jamie Oliver could come from our shores, as Singaporean children choose being a chef as their dream profession.

Nearly 7% of the respondents wanted to be a chef because they felt it was fun to be able to cook at landmarks and famous places, a survey by Adecco found. However, employers of these future chefs must be prepared to pay big bucks, as salary expectations range from $100 to $10,000,000 – with one ambitious child expecting a top chef salary of “10 billion dollars”.

Being a doctor and teacher tied for second place, followed by being a nurse and a pilot.

But the survey was not lacking evidence of the children’s high aspirations. A nine-year-old boy said he plans to be president of the world, while a seven-year-old confessed he’d be contented with “$20 and free Kinder Buenos” as compensation for being Superman.

“The results of this survey have always been interesting and we see the children becoming more adventurous in their responses. Clearly our children are picking up on news as well as the conversations around them,” Lynne Ng, regional director of Adecco Southeast Asia, said.

The survey also found 82% of the children believe it was more important to “spend time with family” than making “lots of money”, a finding Ng called “heart-warming”.

“Their responses also resonate with an understanding of what they would like their future to be – one that is filled with fun and purpose,” she said.

Other “cool” jobs children want to do when they grow up include being an animal helper, fashion designer and a F1 driver.

The children also revealed what would be on top of their agenda should they one day become the Prime Minister of Singapore:

  • More fireworks during the National Day Parade
  • Make it compulsory for all students to learn the four main languages in Singapore
  • Round up all of the sick animals and send them to a vet
  • More school holidays in the year
  • Hold the National Day Parade in Universal Studios

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