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New Lantao Bus to give drivers 17 days of public holidays

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According to figures from the Labour Department, less than 50% of employees in Hong Kong get to enjoy 17 days of public holidays.  Many blue collar-workers including bus drivers only get 12 days of statutory holidays.

For years, labour unions had been trying to get 17 days of public holidays- the same number of days that white-collar workers get.

New Lantao Bus announced last Friday, plans to offer 17 days of public holidays to the 200 full-time bus drivers serving the company.   The number of leave days will increase gradually over the three years.  Drivers will get an extra day in 2017, two more days in 2018 and another two days in 2019, the Hong Kong Economic Times report.

The union of New Lantao Bus welcomes the decision by management and thinks having more days off can enhance staff morale and sense of belonging.

Kwoon Chung Motors Company which owns New Lantao Bus will also offer 17 days of pubic holidays for drivers working under Kwoon Chung Bus Holdings.

New World First Bus and Citybus said they have no plans to follow the public holiday offer of New Lantao Bus.

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