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What you need to know about Gen Z

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Generation Z (Gen Z) employees are expected to enter the workforce soon and are believed to be the most disruptive group of workers yet.

Currently aged between 15 and 18 years old, these young workers already understand the need for further education, employee loyalty and talent fit.

According to Adecco’s survey of Gen Zs, 82% of those in Singapore expect to pursue higher education, as they are confident it will help them better prepare for the workplace. Singaporean respondents also expect to spend about seven months looking for an ideal employer, hinting they will not be willing to compromise on the first company they work for.

These sentiments were shared by those in Malaysia, who also expect to start off their careers in the government or public sectors, with many planning to staying in the sector for their entire careers.

A quarter (27%) of Malaysian respondents also indicated they plan to stay with one employer their entire careers – the highest in the region. Meanwhile, Singaporean Gen Zs plan to have no more than three employers total, indicating higher levels of loyalty than a lot of their regional peers.

Across both countries, the need for job security also featured high on respondents’ list of important job attributes; a majority of both Singaporean and Malaysian Gen Zs want to find full-time employment.

But this hasn’t stopped a healthy majority expressing interest in pursuing entrepreneurial opportunities.

Starting their own business was appealing to 30% of respondents from both countries, with 40% adding they would consider it if the right opportunity presented itself.

“The findings show that the next generation of workers in Asia are going to be more entrepreneurial in how they approach the workplace and will want things to happen on their own terms – especially in regional markets where talent or specific skills shortages are prevalent,” Christophe Duchatellier, CEO of Adecco Asia, said.

Both sets of respondents also agreed if they were to venture into entrepreneurship, they would do so in their 20s.

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