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Weber Shandwick research on CEO reputation

Does it matter if your CEO uses social media?

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Keeping a low profile is no longer an option for CEOs in Hong Kong and the world over, given that their reputation can positively affect various aspects of the employer brand.

Managers surveyed in Hong Kong, in a new study by Weber Shandwick and KRC Research, attributed more than half of their company’s reputation to their CEO’s reputation, with 50% agreeing this will matter even more to companies in the next few years.

The impact of this aspect seemed to run deeper internally, as 62% of the executives said their CEO’s reputation influences them to stay with the company, while 59% stated it affected their decision to accept the job in the first place.

A large majority also believed it plays a role in attracting new employees (90%), as well as providing protection against crises (84%).

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So, how does the CEO go about building a good reputation? 88% of the respondents surveyed said it was important to be visible on the internet, through social media and online news sources.

More than half (53%) wanted their CEO to participate in social media, while 81% felt that speaking at trade conferences will help their image.

However, respondents were wary of their CEOs taking a stance on public policy, with views divided between 47% saying this was important, while 40% finding it inappropriate.


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