Workforce Planning and Productivity

Shaping, resourcing and sustaining your workforce in line with business plans and objectives

According to the 2018 PwC Annual Global CEO Survey, the No. 1 threat to organisations’ growth prospects is the availability of key skills, as viewed by CEOs in the Asia-Pacific region.

The top pressing issue causing concern to Asia-Pacific CEOs has everything to do with manpower. Coming under increasing pressure from stakeholders to demonstrate accountability and return on investment, CEOs must seek out new ways to improve efficiency and effectiveness in order to ensure their companies’ ongoing viability and sustainability.

With such a pressing need on their business agendas, companies should not only have a comprehensive HR strategy in place to achieve a measurable return on their employees, they should also be looking at the sustainability of their workforce, with a commitment to plan for the long term. Workforce Planning aims to fulfil strategic long-term business objectives, and goes a long way in ensuring continued confidence and support from both internal and external stakeholders, failing which could prove to be severely detrimental.

Despite generally making up an average 60% of annual operating expenditure, many companies have not been managing their labour costs well because insightful workforce planning and data reporting have been a low priority or area of accountability within many HR departments.

A holistic workforce planning strategy can therefore be formed to inform and guide business decision-making towards the future. Led by an internationally-renowned workforce planning and analytics expert from Australia, this two-day interactive workshop provides the best opportunity for delegates to explore how companies can execute workforce planning in a practical and effective way.

Course Details

24-25 June 2019
9.00 am to 5.00 pm
Kuala Lumpur
Package Price Deadline
Early Bird USD 1,100 on or before 20 May
Regular USD 1,500 after 20 May

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