Reinventing HR Audit

Transforming perceptions of audit for enhanced HR performance

According to the CEB ADP Payroll Survey conducted by ADP Consultants in 2015, payroll non-compliance costs APAC organisations a penalty of US$1.24 million on average over 5 years. If other areas of the HR function were to be taken into consideration besides payroll, the total cost of HR non-compliance would be unimaginable.

Given such potentially high costs, it is surprising that many organisations in the Asia-Pacific region are still not conducting proper HR audits on a regular basis. Besides the high cost of non-compliance, mindsets have to change as well. HR audits help ensure that company operations run smoothly and efficiently. They are also able to uncover certain costs that can be minimised or done without, adding on to business profitability and survival. However, not everyone realises the importance of HR audits and welcomes them, even though performance could be enhanced to a large extent through regular audits.

Our two-day in-depth course in HR Audit aims to change that perception and reluctance. Led by a subject matter expert who has comprehensive knowledge of HR audit, this course is aimed at C-Suite leaders, HR professionals and managers who wish to know exactly how to conduct and optimise an HR audit for success.The workshop also provides information on employment laws and related frameworks to help navigate the various legal challenges present in different jurisdictions. This could go a long way in unleashing the largely untapped potential of HR audits for maximum business and financial impact.

Course Details

20-21 June 2018
9.00 am to 5.00 pm
Hong Kong
Pre-Early Bird:
HKD 10,888 (on or before 14 May)
Early Bird:
HKD 12,000 (on or before 28 May)
Regular Price:
HKD 15,000 (after 28 May)

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