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Bride planning a wedding at work

Married to our jobs, not our partners

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We’re more in love with our work than our partners, or at least that’s the case for 34% of Australians.

According to Asteron Life’s Cash versus Love report, Aussies care more about job security to boost their confidence, above both being in love (18%) and keeping fit (9%).

When it comes to what people worry the most about, 26% of respondents said fear of losing their job keeps them awake at night, followed by non being financially secure (10%), getting a life threatening illness and being too stressed out about work (both at 8%)

Spokeswoman Natalie Kitchen told they were surprised job security ranked above love.

“Love is still the second most important thing in terms of confidence so maybe Australians feel they need to be cashed up,” she said.

“In this day and age we want to be cashed up to attract our loved ones.”

What do you think? Are you more concerned about finding ‘the one’ or do you think you need a good job and salary first in order to find love? Email

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