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Male employees less concerned about their health

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Companies increasingly concerned with the health of their workforce might want to shift their focus to the male demographic.

The 2014 Consumer Health Mindset study by Aon Hewitt found 65% of female American employees feel in control of their health, compared to 50% of males.

Women were also found to be better at understanding what needs to be done to improve their health; 67% of women realise routine medical screenings are important to maintaining their health, compared to 52% of men.

It was also found employees working in strong cultures of health were more likely to say they have better management of their health, suggesting companies need to invest in building workplace environments which support healthy living.

The report also revealed the biggest obstacles keeping employees from getting and staying healthy – half blamed a lack of time, while 40% said they couldn’t afford to be healthy and 35% blamed their work environment.

“Employees in weak cultures of health are more likely to cite work environment (53%) and affordability (44%) as obstacles,” the report added.

When breaking down the most common sources of stress, four out of the top five reasons were directly office related.

Forty-seven per cent of 2,700 respondents cited their financial situation, 40% said it was their work situation, 37% blamed their work schedule, while 34% said work relationships and control over how they do their work stressed them out.

“Strengthen your health culture by making health improvement a priority in your business and cascading that priority into your business plans,” the report said.

“Then think through a day in the life of your employees and identify and remove barriers to good health choices and habits.”

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