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What do make-up and wedding rings have to do with your career?

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One in three women surveyed in the UK admit they take off their wedding or engagement rings at work in fear of ruining their career opportunities.

In a report by, 1,712 married or engaged women were asked if they ever took off their rings, without taking into consideration times when it was removed for housework or cleaning.

Just over a third said they prefer to appear single at work, during job interviews or when socialising, with 55% saying they believe employers would think they might leave to start a family if they knew a female employee was married or engaged.

Of those who said they removed their rings, only 9% said their partners were aware they did so.

Another survey by also found some interesting insights when it came to appearances in the workplace. More than two thirds of UK bosses said they would think less of a female employee who did not wear make-up at key business meetings.

Just under half of bosses also said a woman’s lack of make-up, particularly if she were in a client-facing or public role, would affect her chances at landing the job.

But the bosses weren’t the only ones who placed priority on the aesthetics factor. Two thirds of female staff said they always wore make-up to work, with a similar proportion reporting doing so helped them feel more confident during meetings.

“Whether rightly or wrongly, British bosses clearly think that keeping up appearances at work is an important factor for female staff if they want to get on in their career,” Emma Leslie, the beauty editor at who conducted the research, told The Telegraph.

“It’s also quite startling to learn that women feel that they need make-up in order to impress at work, and our survey showed there is a strong psychological element to wearing make-up that makes women feel more poised, confident and ‘put together’.”

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