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LOOK at these work-from-home spaces

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Work is no longer confined to the office, with more companies encouraging and supporting employees working from home.

Similarly, many organisations are increasing their use of contract workers who might work on a freelance basis to increase productivity – but have you ever wondered what kind of space these employees work in?

Thanks to a thread on Reddit, we’ve put together a short gallery of freelancers’ home workstations. As more companies take to the idea of working from home, we wonder whether more houses will start to double up as DIY offices.

SabrinaZolkifi_Mar2014_homeoffice7 SabrinaZolkifi_Mar2014_homeoffice1 SabrinaZolkifi_Mar2014_homeoffice2 SabrinaZolkifi_Mar2014_homeoffice3 SabrinaZolkifi_Mar2014_homeoffice4 SabrinaZolkifi_Mar2014_homeoffice5 SabrinaZolkifi_Mar2014_homeoffice6

Image sources: imgur

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Sabrina Zolkifi
Deputy editor
Human Resources Magazine Singapore

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