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Saudi Arabia job ad for executioner

LOOK: This job ad seeks 8 executioners in Saudi Arabia

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The civil services ministry of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has just put out a new job advertisement that is sure to send shivers down your spine.

The ministry is looking to fill all of eight positions for the post of executioners, a job which the posting describes as “religious functionaries”.

No specific qualifications are required for the gruesome role, which involves “executing a judgement of death,” as reported in The Independent.

Another key role in the job description is “performing amputations on those convicted of less serious crimes”.

However, despite execution and amputation being the key performance indicators, the recruits would be at the “lower end of the civil service pay scale,” as cited in The Independent.

The newspaper quotes Amnesty International’s Saudi Arabia researcher, Sevag Kechichian, saying that the advertisement is a “clear sign” the authorities plan on continuing the use of capital punishment.

“There’s already been an unprecedented spike in executions in Saudi Arabia this year – the recruitment of more executioners is a clear sign that the authorities have no intention of rolling back this execution spree any time soon.”

Check out the full job ad here.

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