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Local women want to work

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A majority of women in Singapore have expressed their desire to balance both family and work.

About 80% of single Singaporean women said they want to be working mothers, but respondents were split when it came to deciding if they preferred a part-time or full-time job.

The report, which surveyed 4,600 people aged between 21 and 45 years old and was commissioned by the National Population and Talent Division, also found 79% of singles believe they have good work-life balance, although they also felt there was still room for improvement.

Among married respondents, 82% felt they achieved good work-life balance, Channel News Asia reported.

But 62% said they felt exhausted after work and 54% said their job stands in the way of them spending as much time with their families as they would like.

The survey reported these statistics hinted that while most Singaporeans believe they have work-life balance, 42% believed they did not have enough time to date, and half said they had insufficient time to meet new people.

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