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Local HR to shun emails and phone calls

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The days of email may be numbered as a majority of local HR executives expect video collaboration to be their preferred choice of communication in three years.

More than half (56%) of the respondents predict video to be the top communication tool in 2016, outdoing email (49%) and voice calls (32%).

These findings were from a global survey conducted by Redshift Research on behalf of Polycom, Inc, which also found 98% of the global respondents “believe video conferencing removes distance barriers and improves productivity between teams in different cities and countries”.

Currently, video communication is often used during the recruitment process – particularly when companies are looking to interview a candidate located in a different city.

Vanessa Mauree, HR director of French retail chain Alain Afflelou, said in the report because she “need[s] to see the person to make a good evaluation”, she resorts to video interviews as they are “as effective as an in-person interview”.

But aside from its role in the recruitment process, video communication can also help companies in offering flexible working arrangements, and provide employees with easier access to development programmes and training opportunities.

“While improvements in recruitment, training, retention and flexible work are measurable and visible, the intangible benefits of video collaboration are just as relevant,” Daniel Sonsino, vice president of talent management at Polycom, said.

“Improving trust, increasing productivity, enhancing cross-cultural understanding and forming more effective teams are all areas where data can’t show the value – it must be experienced first-hand.”

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