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Local graduates are nailing down jobs

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A majority of university graduates (85.6%) managed to find full-time employment within six months of searching last year.

The overall employment rate of 9,668 full-time fresh graduates from NUS, NTU and SMU was 91%, the Graduate Employment Survey found.

Among graduates from the three autonomous universities, it was found the median gross monthly salary for those employed in full-time permanent employment was S$3,050, while the mean gross monthly salary was S$3,260.

There were also 550 follow-up graduates, or students who had graduated but had to serve pupillage or housemanship involved in the survey, and it was found that their overall employment rate was 98% in full-time permanent employment.

The median gross monthly salary for the follow-up respondents who graduated from the architecture, biomedical science (traditional Chinese medicine), law, medicine, and pharmacy courses, who had completed their studies in 2011, was $4,500 and the mean gross monthly salary was $4,465 last year.

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