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Local CFOs worried about cash flow

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Maintaining a positive cash flow is the single biggest problem plaguing Singaporean finance leaders today.

More than one third (36%) of chief financial officers (CFOs) are concerned about available cash flow in their organisations – a number which rises to 40% and 48% for medium and large companies, respectively.

The survey, conducted by Robert Half on more than 2,500 CFOs from 17 countries – found that 32% of finance leaders globally have the same troubles.

In Singapore, the largest contributor to cash flow concerns is the rising cost of doing business, particularly the increasing cost of salaries, rents and commodities, said 67% of local respondents, compared to 46% globally.

No other country is as worried about rising costs as Singapore. Switzerland follows in second place with the same concern, but with only 57% of respondents acknowledging this issue.

The second biggest concern in Singapore is slow paying customers (56%).

Here’s the full table from the Robert Half survey.

What 3 factors have contributed towards your concerns around cash flow?

All Countries Singapore Switzerland Australia Hong Kong Japan
Slow paying customers 59% 56% 64% 66% 67% 40%
Higher business expenditures 46% 67% 57% 47% 55% 50%
Lower revenue 41% 50% 57% 34% 42% 42%
Customer / client insolvencies 34% 30% 29% 34% 33% 30%
Higher taxes 32% 19% 43% 32% 15% 38%
Competitive pricing / low margins 29% 30% 14% 27% 38% 24%
Higher cost of short-term financing 22% 17% 14% 25% 13% 26%
Difficulty securing financing 20% 15% 14% 13% 15% 16%
Rapid growth / new investment opportunities 10% 9% 7% 15% 13% 20%
R&D / new product development 6% 9% 0% 6% 7% 14%


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