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Local digital agency offers Google Glass to new recruit

Local agency offers $2,000 Google Glass to new recruit

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This is certainly a creative way to get your job vacancy out to the masses.

A digital agency in Singapore has decided to promote its open headcount for a developer by offering the lucky recruit a $2,000 Google Glass -which are not yet available locally – if they get the job.

As the talent war heats up among creative industries locally, recruiters are forced to think outside the box for ways to attract the best people (anyone remember this epic job listing?)

I’m sure this agency – which isn’t named – realises a stunt like this isn’t necessarily going to find them the candidates with the right skills off the bat (can you imagine just how many people with no relevant skills will apply for this role just for the glasses?!) but I have to admit the recruiting technique is different enough to gather attention.

Plus, they have the help of a local startup, HackerTrail, which has been hired to help them source and evaluate the tech talent using a gamified approach.

According to a press release, the agency is looking for a “CSS/JavaScript ninja”, who will have to go through a series of tasks and challenges in order to properly demonstrate their programming skills. This includes things like ““posting a question on StackOverflow that nobody can answer” or “sharing the job offer with your friends on Facebook and LinkedIn to prove that you fear no one”.

The chosen candidate will be offered the job, as well as a Google Glass. The job also has second and third prizes, although they are much less exciting – just a $50 and $25 Apple Gift card, respectively.

Although the agency is currently not named, the website states they are a company which aims “to generate buzz” by building “cutting-edge and award-seeking websites, apps and campaigns”. They need “passionate people with a desire to learn new things” on board to help them do this.

“Working with us will be rewarding, as we are striving to be where nobody has been before,” it reads.

If you think you or someone you know is up for challenge, head here to give it a go.

Image: Dan Leveille, Wikipedia Commons

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