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The LEGO Group consolidates its HR and finance service functions

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The LEGO Group’s current HR and finance service functions will be consolidated in a global function, located in three regions, Europe, Americas and Asia at the company’s existing sites in Kladno, Czech Republic, Monterrey, Mexico and in Singapore.

In a press release, the company announced the new function has been established in order to support the LEGO Group’s growth strategy.

“The aim is to create a function that is able to scale up and down in a responsive and agile manner to support the further globalisation of the LEGO Group, as well as direct professional focus and resources according to the changing business needs,” the release stated.

The transition will take two years beginning January 2016.

The firm stated the departments where HR and finance services functions are currently located will either be limited in size or closed after the transition is final in 2018.

“We are consolidating the HR service and Finance service functions into Business Service Operations. Thus, other HR and finance functions are located in other parts of the organisation,” Charlotte Simonsen, head of corporate communications at the LEGO Group told Human Resources.

“Business Service Operations is established to support the changing needs of the growing LEGO Group. The aim is to create a business services organisation which is able to support the LEGO Group’s continued growth and the complexity that comes with that growth, be it in existing markets or new markets with new challenges,” she stated.

Simonsen added the firm expects “the continued growth and globalisation to create an increased need to be able to scale capacity fast, to build new capabilities and to secure that processes are aligned and in compliance with guidelines and regulations globally.”

The press release confirmed 190 LEGO employees globally have been informed that their current jobs will move to other locations over the coming two years.

“It is too early to say exactly how HR in Singapore will be affected, but it is certain that we will increase our HR staff in the Singapore location,” Simonsen stated.

During the transition phase, a number of activities will be initiated to support the affected employees.

“We will do our utmost to support the impacted employees in finding other jobs, hopefully in the LEGO Group, and if this is not possible, then in other companies,” said senior vice president Simon Riis-Hansen, executive HR.

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