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Are your job descriptions clear enough for candidates?

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When recruiting new employees, it is important that your job descriptions are clear especially when about a fifth of candidates skip interviews without notifying anyone due to a lack of clear job descriptions.

However, Allegis Group’s Talent Advisory Industry Benchmark study, which surveyed more than 1,400 employers and 13,000 job seekers globally, pointed out that while 72% of hiring managers thought they provided clear job descriptions, only 36% of candidates said they were provided with clear job descriptions.

The benchmark study which accounts for multiple role perspectives in the recruitment process also found that hiring managers aren’t the only ones being ambiguous about things – candidates aren’t being too honest with their skills either.

Almost half (43%) of organisations reported discovering that a new hire did not have the skills they claimed over the last six months.

The study also revealed top improvement areas and opportunities, from the job creation to the onboarding stages. These include being completely ready for a new hire’s first day as well as constant communication throughout the recruitment process.

Candidates unwilling to spend more than 20 minutes on job application

It found that when hiring managers were completely ready for the new employee’s first day, candidate satisfaction increases an average of 38%.

At the same time, 85% of candidates rated consistent communication throughout the process as the top driver of satisfaction with the recruitment experience.

However, satisfied candidates does not equate to productive employees as the average time before a new hire is productive was found to be about 50 days.

Worryingly, the study also pointed out that four out of five (80%) companies found finding quality candidates a challenge in their current workforce strategy, with 40% reporting it as a significant issue. Another 51% reported having open positions for which quality candidates could not be found.

Additionally, 83% of executives also found attracting and retaining talent to be an issue for their company.

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