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Is your C&B package actually making your employees happier?

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During May and June this year, Happitude Asia and Junior Chamber International Peninsula surveyed 1036 employees in Hong Kong and Macau. The overall workplace happiness level of the Hong Kong workforce is measured at 3.69 out of 7 (1 the lowest, 7 the highest), 1.21 points behind the workforce in Macau.

Hong Kong respondents rated office location, pantry facilities (e.g. water supply and microwave), work facilities (e.g. computer, screen and desk) and the severe weather arrangement as the top four satisfying areas towards their current employment.

The most disappointing areas include office entertainment facilities, after-work activities (e.g. team building activities, company trip, exercise or interest classes), flexible working options, and office food (e.g. free drinks, snacks or lunch).

The other key findings of the research are:

Factors that tied with employees’ performance

Factors that tied with employees’ happiness

Factors that tied with employees’ retention

Among the 835 Hong Kong respondents, the average monthly wage is HK$30,500 and they spend an hour and a half in traffic daily.

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