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Investing in creativity increases employee happiness

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Businesses that invest in creativity are more likely to increase employee productivity (78%) and have happier employees (76%), found Adobe’s State of Create: 2016 report.

Surveying more than 5,000 adults across five countries, the report found that respondents believed businesses that invest in creativity are more likely to foster innovation (83%), be competitive (79%), provide better customer experience (78%), have satisfied customers (80%) and be financially successful (73%).

More than seven in 10 (74%) respondents also agreed that it is important for businesses to focus on good design, with another 70% feeling that design drives a strong brand experience.

At the same time 45% of them revealed that in the past year alone, they have paid more for a product or service that had good design.

Sadly, businesses might not be placing as much emphasis on creativity as opposed to productivity. Almost eight in 10 (77%) agreed there is increasing pressure to be productive rather than creative at work.

On the other hand, about five in 10 (56%) said that people are increasingly expected to think creatively at work.

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The report also found that creators are happier at work (53% vs 19% of non-creators), more fulfilled (49% vs 18% of non-creators), more energised (47% vs 18% of non-creators), and more successful (39% vs 11% of non-creators).

Additionally, seven in 10 respondents also pointed out that being creative makes people better workers (70%) and leaders (70%).

However, only 40% described themselves as creative. and only 31% felt that they are living up to their creative potential.

In addition to their views on creativity, when asked asked for their opinions on the most creative country and city, respondents revealed that they regarded Japan as the most creative country (34%) and Tokyo the most creative city (26%), followed by the United States (28%) and New York (23%) respectively.

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