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Individual training accounts for Singaporeans: NTUC

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The National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) is calling for Singaporean workers to have individual training accounts, so they are able to choose the type of training they need. 

The suggested individual learning accounts – called Skillsave Accounts – would allow employees to take more responsibility for their own career planning, and would also allow for better follow through on recent government initiatives such as ASPIRE, CET2020 and SkillFuture.

NTUC assistant secretary-general Patrick Tay prompted the idea at a visit to NTUC LearningHub this week, where he said this would help Singaporeans become future-ready.  

“This individual learning account will help workers take personal responsibility for their own training needs and career planning, and be empowered to make their own learning decisions. It also caters to workers’ different training needs and interests,” a press release stated. 

“On the part of workers, taking their own initiative to upgrade their skills could also help raise productivity. This would also encourage lifelong learning, a mastery of skills and even second skilling by supporting individual initiated training for a person’s entire career and lifetime.” 

It added the Skillsave Account would help address current gaps for those workers who don’t have access to the Workfare Training Support Scheme. The individual accounts could also be tapped into to pay for the unfunded portions of training, as well as fund CET programmes.

This will help Singaporeans “realise their full potential” through multiple pathways for their career progression that are “accessible, portable, lifelong and seamless”.

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