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Income still the top priority for job seekers

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Offering development opportunities and other perks to your staff is important, but looks like cash is still king for professionals in the United States.

According to Jobvite’s latest report, 61% of 2,084 professionals polled said compensation has the biggest impact on job seekers’ decisions to join a new company.

More than three out of 10 (32%) of those surveyed also stated minimal pay was the top reason why they would leave their current job for a new one.

“Everyone has their eye out for a better opportunity: 45% of workers will jump ship for a new job even though they are happy in their current position,” the report stated.

Location was the second factor (42%) which job seekers considered when applying for a new job. An ideal office address was found to be especially important for Baby Boomers (44%) and Millennials (42%).

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Middle-aged employees, however, cited health benefits as the most influential factor (44%) they would consider when applying for a new job, while those in their 30s prioritised growth opportunities (43%) over everything else.

The report also expanded onto the social media networks these job seekers utilise in their search for new jobs.

Facebook was the top social media network used for job hunts (67%), followed by Twitter and LinkedIn at 45% and 40% respectively.

“Job seeking is now a 24/7 activity: job seekers search for new positions on mobile during their commute (38%), on the job (30%) and even in the bathroom (18%).”

Interestingly, job seekers admitted to not always speaking the truth about their professional skills on Facebook and Twitter.

While 31% of those who look for jobs via Twitter admitted to inflating their skills, 27% of job seekers relying on Facebook said they have fabricated their job references.

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