Benjamin Wong says that while HR will continue handling daily staff issues, technology will ease its tasks, making it more strategic.
With the new generation becoming more connected, embracing the beauty of digitisation and agility in HR is key, says the HR leader.
Tan Lee Choo, the firm's regional head, predicts HR will shift from traditional talent management to facilitation of virtual teams.
The HR Excellence Awards 2016 will recognise firms in Asia that have creatively utilised technology across HR functions.

Among the five key sectors, the 9 million jobs in textiles, clothing and footwear are most vulnerable to being automated.

With data set to 'impact every aspect of human capital flow', Dheeraj Shastri of Abbott Laboratories shares how to utilise it optimally.
At HR Tech Interactive 2016, HR leaders will uncover the hottest trends and innovative solutions that drive HR tech investments.